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 Based on the recommendations of the Satish Sawhney Committee, the Level-I: Leadership Development Programme for SsP,(for 3 weeks); Level-II: Management Development Programme for DsIG( for 2 weeks); and Level-III Strategic Management Programme for IsGP ( for 1 week) were commenced at the  SVP National Police Academy in 2002. The State Governments/DsGP were requested to nominate eligible IPS Officers to undergo these in-service training programmes at the SVP NPA. However, the responses received from some of the State Governments were found to be very poor and hence attendance of the officers in the Level-I, II and III Management Courses was inadequate. Less number of nominations is attributable to non-existence of the link between attendance at these in-service courses and the career progression of participants with special reference to promotion to higher ranks, release of next increment, etc.

Given the highly responsible and critical positions that officers are to hold, it is imperative that they possess/update the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to discharge their responsibilities effectively. With this in mind and as per the directions of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Home Affairs decided to introduce Mid-Career Training Programme (MCTP) for IPS Officers, attendance at which would be mandatory requirement for promotion/drawing of next increment at certain stages in an Officer’s career.

An Expert Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. Trinath Mishra, IPS(Retd)was constituted by MHA to finalize the design, contents and delivery of MCTP for IPS Officers. The Committee submitted its Report and the same was approved by MHA in May, 2008. Senior officers namely Dr. G.S. Rajagopal, IPS(Retd), Shri Koshy Koshy, IPS(Retd), Shri V.N.Gaur, IAS, etc. were also  tasked to carry out further study on policing in different countries for MCTP.

The current scheme being followed for conduct of MCTP for IPS Officers after modifications from time to time is as follows:

Sl.No. Phases Training for Promotion Duration IPS Officers eligible Year of Service Theme of the Programme
1 Phase-III From Superintendent of Police (Senior Scale)  to Superintendent of Police (Junior Administrative Grade) 4 weeks Superintendent of Police Between 7th to 9th year of service compulsory for 2000 batch onwards. Honing of skills
2 Phase-IV From Deputy Inspector General of Police to Inspector General of Police 4 weeks (3 weeks in India and 1 week abroad) Deputy Inspector General of Police Between 14th to 16th year of service compulsory for 1991 batch onwards Innovation & Strategy
3 Phase-V For availing annual increment on completion of 28 years of service 2 weeks in India Inspector General of Police / Addl. Director General of Police Between 24th to 26th year of service compulsory for 1981 batch onwards. Leadership and Change Management

The main objectives of this training programme will be :

  • To prepare the IPS Officers for the ‘next level competency’; and
  • To enable them to possess the necessary skills and attitudes to discharge their responsibilities effectively.

The  MCTP Programmes scheduled during the year 2023 are as follows :

Phase of MCTP Duration Eligible Batches
Phase-III 10.04.2023 to 04.05.2023 2000-2016
Phase-IV 15.05.2023 to 09.06.2023 1991-2009
Phase-V 26.06.2023 to 07.07.2023 1981-1999
Phase-III 04.09.2023 to 29.09.2023 2000-2016

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