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Field and Theme of Research

Title of Research

Year of Completion

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Training Methodology and Training Management

1   Building Competence for Role Performance: A Study on the Training Need of Young IPS Officers 1994 Centre for Organization Development, Hyderabad  
2   A Study of Instructional System Design for Training and Development of Women Police Executives in Andhra Pradesh 1994 Ms. T. Kanaka Durga, IPS  
3   Development of Training Modules in Human Rights for Police Executives in India 1997 Shri P.S.V. Prasad, IPS (Retd.) & Dr. A.K. Saxena, Professor (Retd.) Sponsored by DoPT.
4   Training Needs of Police Personnel in Naxal-Prone Areas of Chattisgarh and Orissa 2012 Dr.B.N.Ramesh, IPS, ADG & IGP, WBHRC  
5   Tele-Communication Training for State Police in India and NPA – A Case Study - Shri D.P. Mishra Sponsored by DoPT.
6   Quality Audit on the Activities of NPA 2012 Dr. Nirmalya Bagchi, ASCI, Hyderabad  

Basic Training of IPS Officers

7   Impact Evaluation of IPS Probationers Training at NPA 1999 Shri. V.K. Deuskar, IPS (Retd.), Shri P.V. Rajagopal, IPS(Retd.) & Dr. A.K. Saxena  
8   Impact Evaluation of Basic and In-service Training Programmes for IPS Officers at the NPA 2002 Shri P.V. Rajgopal, IPS (Retd.) and Dr. A.K. Saxena  
9   Impact of Training on the Performance of IPS Officers 2012 Shri H.J. Dora, IPS (Retd.)  

Tactical Training Programmes

10   Training Interventions for Indian Police in Handling Terrorism – A Study 2003 Shri A.V. Subbarao, IPS (Retd.)  



Police Accountability

11   Decline in Professionalism in Indian Police – Causes and Suggested Remedial Action 1996 Dr. A.K. Saxena, Professor (Retd.) Sponsored by BPR&D.
12   Professionalism in the Constabulary: A Challenge to Police Leadership 2001 Shri Giridhari Nayak, IPS & Dr. A.K. Saxena Sponsored by BPR&D.
13   Internal and External Impediments to Police Reforms in India 2015 Dr. Akun Sabharwal, IPS and Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, IPS (Retd.)  
14   Professionalism in Indian Police at the Cutting Edge Levels (SHOs) - Shri Subhash Joshi, IPS and Dr. A.K. Saxena Sponsored by BPR&D.

Custodial Violence

15   Custodial Deaths in India 1994 Dr. Sankar Sen, IPS (Retd), Shri P.S.V. Prasad & Dr. A.K. Saxena, Professor (Retd.)  

Management of Public Order

16   Combating Communal Conflicts-Perception of Police Neutrality during Hindu-Muslim Riots in India 1995 Shri V.N. Rai, IPS (Retd.)  
17   Application of Psychology Principles in Maintenance of Law and Order 1997 Dr. B.M. Kumar, IPS Sponsored by DoPT.
18   Policing the Hindu-Christian Tensions in the States of Orissa & Gujarat 1999 Shri Deo Raj Nagar, IPS (Retd.)  
19   A Research Study on Creating of Functional Positive Police – Politician Interface for Public Order Maintenance 2004 Shri Satyanarayana Pradhan, IPS, Jt. Secy., Min of Development of NE Region Sponsored by BPR&D.
20   Managing Peaceful Mass Agitation by Police (covering recent Agitations by Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare, etc.) 2015 Shri Rohit Choudary, IPS, ADGP/Law & Order, Punjab  
21   Conflict and Child Soldiers – Manipur Case 2017 Ms. Priyadarshini Laishram, Addl. SP, Manipur  
22   Attrition in Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs). 2018 Smt. Santhi G Jaidev, Sr. Comdt., CISF 4th RB, Sivagangai, TN.  

Community Policing

23   Role of NGOs and Civil Liberties Groups in the Promotion of Human Rights: Case Study of Andhra Pradesh 1997 Shri K.V. Thomas, IPS (Retd.)  
24   Concept and Practice of Community Policing in the Indian Context 1998 Shri Abraham Kurien, IPS (Retd.)  
25   Effect of Proactive Policing Approach on Attitude of Adolescent Students in Metropolitan Cities - An Interim Report 1998 Shri U.N.B. Rao, IPS (Retd.)  

Strategies against Insurgents/Extremists/Militants

26   Role of Police in Combating Insurgency/Militancy/Low Intensity Conflicts in the North-East 1999 Shri N. Padmanabhan, DCIO, SIB, New Delhi  


27   Organised Crime in India 1999 Shri V.K. Deuskar, IPS (Retd.)  
28   An Analytical Study on Bank Frauds and Scams in India 2002 Shri. P.M. Mohan, IPS  
29   Changing Paradigm of Crimes against Women and Children in India with Special Reference to Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Women 2003 Smt. Tejdeep Kaur Menon, IPS DG, Telangana Special Protection Force  
30   Questioning an Accused – Prescriptions and Practice – Towards Greater Professionalism 2010 Dr. S. Krishnamurthy, IPS (Retd.)  
31   Bail and Extent of its Abuse Including Recidivism. 2018 Dr. Arvind Tiwari Dean TISS, Mumbai  

Cyber Crime and Police

32   Identification of Appropriate Technology and Procedures for Handling Digital Evidence 2004 Shri Ashok Dohare, IPS and Shri Rakesh Aggarwal, IPS Sponsored by DST, New Delhi
33   IT Enabled Police and Security Services 2004 Shri Mathew John, IPS (Retd.)  

Human Trafficking

34   Human Trafficking in India 2004 Shri Sanjay Kundu, IPS, Jt. Secretary, Ministry of Water Resource  

Positive Attitude and Sensitive Police

35   Stress Management in Police (Behavioural Manifestations of Individual and Roles Stress in Police – A Case Study of Andhra Pradesh) - Dr. A.K. Saxena, Professor (Retd.) Sponsored by DoPT.

Gender/Juvenile/Geriatrics Issues

36   Gender Issues and the Police in India (A Study of Women in two States- A.P., U.P.) - Shri Subhash Joshi, IPS and Dr. Rekha Pande Sponsored by DoPT.

Quality Police Service

37   Standardization of Physical Security Management System in Industry 2015 Shri K. Nityanadam, IPS (Retd.)  
38   Assessing the Quality of Police Services in Hyderabad 2015 Dr. Shahida P., Associate Professor, ASCI, Hyderabad  


39   Dawn of New Panchayat Raj in Madhya Pradesh 2004 Shri P.M. Mohan, IPS (Retd.)  
40   Evolving Negotiation Skills Training Intervention for Police in India. 2018 Dr. Nikhil J Gupta, IPS, DD (SC), SVPNPA  
41   A Study of Impact of Mid-Career Training Programme on the Job Behaviour of IPS Officers 2018 Shri B.D. Paulson, IPS, DD (Tac), SVP National Police Academy  


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