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17-11-2022 25-11-2022 Purchase of spare parts of Vehicle Registration No AP 28 TB 8939 Tata Mini Bus
17-11-2022 25-11-2022 Purchase of spare parts of Vehicle Registration No AP 29 TB 2633/Mazda Tata Mini Bus
21-11-2022 27-11-2022 Supply of 02 Nos of 1000 ft wireless HDMI Transmitters and receivers
18-11-2022 25-11-2022 Replacement of Glass Mirrors of Washrooms at ground floor and first floor of STW Building
18-11-2022 25-11-2022 Providing and fixing of flamed finish on granite stone steps. SS railing at Type-V/4 Qtr and fixing of Wall Paper in the office of AD(IT-II)
23-11-2022 25-11-2022 Repair work at Senior Officers Mess & Octagon at Site-B of the Academy
23-11-2022 29-11-2022 Providing and fixing booster pump with CPVC pipeline including gate valves at Type-V/10 Qtr
23-11-2022 25-11-2022 Dismantling of Tiles, CC Flooring, Providing and Laying Cement Concrete with plastering around the tree area at IPS mess road
23-11-2022 28-11-2022 Repair of Steam Bath installed in ladies changing room of the Swimming Pool
25-11-2022 28-11-2022 Construction of GI Profile Sheeted Shed with MS Frame Work at Type-IV/5 Qtrs
25-11-2022 30-11-2022 Construction of pathway/steps with chequered tiles including SS railing at the back side of SO'S Mess
25-11-2022 30-11-2022 Preparation of 05 Nos teak wood tables of various measurements for placing mementoes at reception and other areas in RPV Building
25-11-2022 28-11-2022 Providing and fixing aluminium windows with granite Gym Room in DJC Building

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