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5 Days Course on "Policing for Missing and Victimized Children" was conducted in the Academy from January 20-24, 2020. The course objectives were to make an overall assessment of the role played by the police and other agencies in different States/Union Territories across the country in locating/tracing missing children; to make an in-depth study and analysis of Rules, Guidelines, Circulars, and Orders being followed by the Police in locating/tracing missing children; to examine the good practices being followed by States/Union Territories, in finding/Tracing missing children as well as study important rulings/guidelines issued by the Apex and other Courts in the country for tracing missing children; To evolve practical guidelines for police and other stakeholders for initiating standardized measures that would not only facilitate in tracing and restoring missing children to their families but also to make the stakeholders accountable; to discuss and study victimization of children such as sexual offenses, child labour, cyber crimes and improve safety and security of children in the country; to highlight and to engage in public education surrounding the issue of missing children in particular and safety of children in general & to provide critical support services for victims and their families such as counselling, networking with Police, Government, Media support for families, assisting with legal/court proceedings where necessary. 21 Officers from several state & central police organisations attended the course.

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