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                                                MOU between NPA and the Universities

S.No MOU between NPA and the Universities Purpose of MOU Period Remarks


Sardar Patel University of Police Security and Criminal Justice, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Facilitating exchange of faculty and resource persons for academic and research purposes. Jointly plan calendar of events for holding Seminar, Workshops and short term courses to be conducted at the campus of either of the parties, depending up on the availability of the participants. 18.02.2019 to 17.02.2024 MoU signed


MoU between National Judicial Academy, (NJA) Bhopal and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVP NPA)

This MoU is intended to promote and develop research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest and in particular in the area of Criminal Justice Administration and exchange of faculty and resource persons for academic and research purposes. 23.03.2020 to 22.03.2023 MoU signed


MoU between SVPNPA and Raskha Shakti University (RSU), Ahmadabad

The general purpose of this MoU is to establish an enduring framework for educational relation and operation between the two participating institutes in order to promote academic learning, training, research and explore the possibility of joint academic programs.   This MoU shall remain in force for unlimited duration until terminated by six months prior written notice given to one institute by the other institute.   MoU signed on 16/08/2017


Bangladesh Police Academy

To establish mutual co-operation in the sphere of training management and exchange of trainers and trainees between SVP NPA, Hyderabad, India and Bangladesh Police Academy, Sardah, Rajshahi 15.07.2018 to 14.07.2023 MoU signed


Telangana State Police

The MoU provides a mechanism of information sharing between both Signatories. The information thus shared is used to design, develop and deliver suitable training modules to field level officers. 01.11.2021 to 31.10.2024 MoU signed


ICMR - National Institute of Nutrition 

In the Interest of sharing a common desire to explore, extend and strengthen the functional relationship between the National Institute and an esteemed Centre of professional police training in order to share the facilities and expertise available with each of them. 31.08.2021 to 31.08.2026  MoU signed


Maldives Police Service

This MoU is built upon existing cooperative arrangements for the purpose of enhancing policing capabilities of both parties and is not intended to create any legal relationship between the Parties and is not intended to have any legal binding on either party. 26.03.2022 to 25.03.2027 MoU signed


National Investigation Agency

The MoU is intended to extend training capabilities by NPA, Hyderabad in relevant subjects by the specialized wing National Digital Crime Resource and Training Centre (NDCRTC) to the officials of NIA in all ranks as well as to carry out training of DySP and above level NIA officers for specialized courses by the Special Tactics Wing (STW) of NPA as mutually agreed upon. 26.04.2022 to 25.04.2027 MoU signed


National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) University of Law

To derive mechanisms for the Award of Master's Degree, i.e., M.A.(Criminal Justice Management) to IPS Probationers who undertake the Basic Course Training Programme at SVPNPA commencing from the academic year 2022-2023 and PG Diploma (Criminal Justice Management) only to Foreign Officers who undertake the Basic Course Training Programme at SVPNPA after completion of first year Basic Course Training commencing from academic year 2022-2023 13.12.2022 to 12.12.2027 MoU signed


North Eastern Police Academy

To establish collaboration for the purpose of identifying new areas for training and research, and exchange of faculty support The MoU shall continue to remain, valid from the date of its signing. Unless terminated by serving notice of six months from either party MoU signed

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