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Smt. Sharada Avadhanam is a retired Director, AP Forensic Science Lab, Hyderabad. She did MSc [Bio Chem.], MA [Psychology], PGDCL [University of Hyderabad], PGDAST (CMC, Hyderabad), PGDTQM [AP Productivity Council]. She has varied experience in forensic field as a scientist/ Administrator and has served 37 years in all branches of AP FSL, Hyderabad. She has set up first DNA lab in APFSL and published papers in various national & international journals. As an academician, she has authored twelve books on various Forensic Science topics, conducted numerous seminars & workshops. She has worked as AD Forensic in PTC, Ananthapur and Deputy Director, Forensic Science in APPA, Hyderabad. She has done TOT, EOT and Training administrator course from national institutions. She has been awarded ‘Best Teacher’ by DFS, MHA, GOI and Indo American academic body. She has maintained ten blogs for police and forensic personnel on various topics of interest. She joined the Academy on 10 February, 2020. 

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