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In-service Courses  


Nomination for any course is to be sent to the Academy through the head of Department only. Self Nominations will not be accepted. Click here for proforma for nomination. Letter to All DGPs

In-service Courses


Name of the Course


Eligibility Level

Program Director

January VIC Forensic Science (Sponsored by BPR&D) 06.01.14 to 10.01.14 SP & above Dr.Swaroop Vedanand
Course on "Tactics"(at Mumbai) 07.01.14 to 16.01.14 SP/Addl. SP Sh. Parveen Bakshi
Seminar on "Investigation of Crimes against Women" 16.01.14 to 17.01.14 SP/Addl. SP Ms. R Malar Vizhi
35 Years Reunion Seminar of 1979 batch 28.01.14 to 29.01.14 IPS Officers of 1979 batch Sh. S Raveendran
February Course on Investigation of Internet based Crime & Open source Intelligence 10.02.14 to 15.02.14 All the Officials of the rank of Dy.SP and above from State Police, CPOs, Judiciary, ED, DRI and NIC Sh. H.K.Kusumakar
Training Administrators' Course 13.02.14 to 21.02.14 Heads of PTI & Officers who manage Training function in CPOs/States Prof. A.K.Saxena
MCTP Based Training 19.02.14 to 21.02.14 ASP and SPs who have not attended MCTP Dr. Nikhil J. Gupta
March VIC Police Reforms (Sponsored by BPR&D) 03.03.14 to 07.03.14 SP & above Sh. S Raveendran
"Training of Trainers" Course (Tactics) 03.03.14 to 28.03.14 ACs/DCs/2ICs/DySP/SsP/Comdts Sh. Parveen Bakshi
Seminar on "Human Rights & Police" 25.03.14 to 27.03.14 SP & above Sh. Gopesh Agrawal
April 30 years Re-union Seminar of 1984 batch 03.04.14 to 04.04.14 IPS Officers of 1984 batch Sh. Praveen Kumar Sinha
Criminal Justice System "Inter-Segment Coordination" 09.04.14 to 11.04.14 SP and above, Session Judges, Judicial Magistrates & Public Prosecutors Ms. Anita Punj
Seminar on "National Security" 21.04.14 to 25.04.14 IAS/IPS/IFoS/CPOs and Defence Service --
Course on "Tactics" 21.04.14 to 02.05.14 SP/Addl. SP Sh. Parveen Bakshi
May Seminar on "Community Policing" 01.05.14 to 02.05.14 SP & above Dr. T K Vinod Kumar
Module on "Wild Life Crime Detection" 05.05.14 to 09.05.14 IFoS Probationers Sh. G S Rao
Course on 'Cyber Crimes Investigation' 19.05.14 to 23.05.14 Dy SP and above of State Police, Central Investigationg and Intelligence Agencies Sh. H K Kusumakar
June "Training of Trainers" Course 02.06.14 to 27.06.14 DySP/Addl. SP/SP/DIG Prof. A.K.Saxena
25 years Re-union Seminar of 1989 batch 11.06.14 to 12.06.14 IPS Officers of 1989 batch Ms. R Malar Vizhi
Course on "Tactics" 16.06.14 to 27.06.14 SP/Addl. SP Sh. Parveen Bakshi
Conflict Resolution 18.06.14 to 20.06.14 IPS Officers of all rank Dr. Nikhil J Gupta
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